SHIELDtech Inc.

SHIELDtech Inc.


SHIELDtech Inc. provides college students with a unique solution that uses a wireless panic device, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable the student to quickly and discreetly alert campus police of an emergency at the simple push of a button. Within seconds, the user’s GPS location and credentials are relayed to the dispatcher. SHIELDtech provides an all-in-one product and services, including the wireless panic device, the smartphone application, and the police dispatcher dashboard.

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SHIELDKey Wireless Panic Button

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During a crisis it is challenging to keep calm and rational. At SHIELDtech Inc., we make things simple by giving users access to police at the push of a button. Without having to find, unlock, then dial a phone, users are able to notify police of an emergency instantly and discretely. Police will be provided with personal user information quickly and track the GPS location of the emergency.

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