Rugged CCTV

Company Details:
201 N. Elm St.
Kemp, TX 75143

Toll Free: 866-301-2288

Rugged Cams has manufactured, tested and assembled Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems for Business and Industry for more than 20 years.

Rugged Cams builds Business Security Cameras that are tough, rugged and will withstand anything that Man or Mother Nature can throw at them. Businesses of any size – from Mom & Pop stores to Fortune 500 Industries, have relied on Rugged Cams to Design, Build, Test and Deliver high quality surveillance cameras and complete security camera systems that work flawlessly and are built to last.

Rugged CCTV introduces new IR CCTV camera

Rugged CCTV introduces new IR CCTV camera

June 16, 2009