Mark Domnauer

Mark Domnauer is the Corporate Security Director of Adobe Systems Incorporated. He has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate security industry and emergency services profession.   Mark has worked as a Public Safety Officer (Police Officer/Firefighter for the City of Sunnyvale, CA) and in the Emergency Medical Services field (Santa Clara County EMS) prior to entering the private sector.  Mark joined the Adobe Corporate Security team in 2000 managing global investigations, operations and systems. He has built a successful global security program from the ground up as the company moved from a Start-up culture to the industry leading corporation it is today. Mark was promoted to head of security for Adobe in 2005.

Mark is a Certified Protection Professional and has a degree in Fire Science as well as an Executive Certificate in Security Leadership from Northeastern University. He also represents the software industry on California’s High Tech Crime Advisory Committee that oversees the State’s High Tech law enforcement task forces.  


Doing more with your access control system

Doing more with your access control system

Date: 04/11/12
From Quantum Secure