Olga Iakomi

ECKey makes Access Control that is:



Affordable and Convenient

Save 50% or more by eliminating cards, complex cabling, extra panels and complex IT networks.  ECKey products work reliably even if your network is down or you are out of coverage area.



With an adjustable read-range up to 30’(10M) you can mount ECKey readers on the secure side of the door away from vandals and weather while our 128 bit secure token encryption ensures your information is safe.



Balance convenience and security by selecting hands-free, keypad, dual-credential or executive mode.  You can also manage PINs, edit users, change schedules and  view activity from your smartphone.



VIZpin is a free app that lets people send you electronic keys.  Once you download and register* your VIZpin app, your friends, customers and employers can send you electronic keys that let you bypass the front desk or access their facility after hours.  Each time you launch the VIZpin app you will see a list of facilities you have access to and when you have access to them.  It will even let you “Map” to the facility using your navigation app.  Then just go to the door, press the VIZpin, and you are in.  Each time VIZpin connects with an ECKey reader a record is kept on our secure server.