Webinar: Beyond the Pixels - The New Visibility ROI for Retail

Type: Seminar
Date: 08/28/13 12:00 PM CT - 08/28/13 1:00 PM CT
Web site: https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1020348

In retail, we have come to associate technology like CCTV, remote monitoring and video analytics with catching bad guys, securing merchandise, and securing a retail store. With today’s new and evolving technologies and the complementary nature of how these technologies work together, we see an increasing ROI. Retailers today utilize these new ideas and solutions and expand the ROI to store merchandising, operations, marketing, and IT. Quite simply, video and associated technologies drive a higher and deeper level of visibility across retail operations. Tyco and 24 Hour Fitness see a trend, the LP professional of today is becoming the Chief Visibility Officer (CVO) of tomorrow. As a CVO demonstrates that ROI, investments in these technologies grows as retailers learn to harness the information they provide about shopper behavior, employee activity and efficiency and overall store performance. Essentially, what was once "LP spend and LP data" is now shared multi-valued data used to improve many areas of operations.