Oil & Gas Security Summit

Type: Conference/Expo
Date: 03/04/14 9:00 AM CT - 03/20/14 5:00 PM CT
Location: Dubai United Arab Emirates
Web site: http://www.meoilgassecurity.com/
Email: BenH@irn-international.com

Security is the most pressing concern for the oil and gas industry of the Middle East & Gulf region at present. Globally, targeting of energy infrastructure is at an all-time high and the trend is regrettably increasing. The Middle East & Gulf countries are blessed with an abundance of natural resources, and though secure compared to many other oil rich countries, there are a number of specific security challenges that have to be addressed by international and national oil companies in the region. The 3rd Annual Oil & Gas Security Summit 2014 – Middle East & Gulf will address counter-terrorism, theft prevention, pipeline and infrastructure protection, relations with the local community, maritime security, information management and cyber security. There will be a number of high profile security case studies focused on regions across the Middle East & Gulf.