Tyco completes Visonic acquisition

Tyco International announced on Tuesday that it has completed its acquisition of Visonic, an Israeli-based maker of intrusion detection products, for $100 million in cash. The acquisition was first announced in September.

Visonic will become a part of Tyco’s Security Products division, which also includes DSC, Bentel and Sur-Gard, Software House, Kantech, CEM Systems, and American Dynamics.

According to Mark VanDover, president of Tyco Security Products, teams from both companies are working together to develop a plan on how to best integrate Visonic into the group.

"We’re currently evaluating the integration of Visonic into Tyco Security Products to determine how best to leverage the strengths of the two businesses to ensure a smooth transition and positive results for our customer base," he said.

VanDover added that Visonic, which is known for its residential security and PERS product lines, will also open up new market and product opportunities for Tyco.

"Both businesses have solid individual technology platforms, and their combined strengths will accelerate overall intrusion growth for Tyco Security Products, specifically with DSC’s strength in hardwired, wireless and hybrid intrusion panels and with Visonic’s new leading edge PowerG wireless technology," VanDover said.