SIA announces OSDP project

The Security Industry Association this week announced its new Open Supervised Device Protocol with Data Security Extension project to help develop a standard communications protocol for interfacing peripheral identity and access control devices with control panels and other security management systems.

According to a statement, the project will take place within SIA’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards program. SIA said its specification will support both IP communications and point-to-point serial interfaces such as RS-485.

"We think that there is a glaring need for this type of specification within the industry," said SIA Standards Chairman Steve Van Till in the statement. "There is currently no standard protocol for interfacing readers to physical access control systems, other than the outdated Wiegand protocol, which does not support advanced operations such as those required for PKI."

The SIA Standards Access Control and Identity Subcommittee will review the OSDP standard and is open to feedback from industry stakeholders.

"We feel that SIA Standards is the perfect home for this important access control specification," said Dave Adams, senior product marketing manager at HID Global. "We are excited that OSDP will be evaluated by the industry and anticipate that it will create great technical efficiencies in enabling secure and trusted identity verification."

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