Ohio university installs new campus security system

OXFORD, Ohio --

As freshmen begin moving into the dorms on the Miami University campus, they'll be some of the first to use a new security system the school has installed.

The "Tap N Go" system means each student will use their ID to access their residence hall and their own rooms, but won't be able to access other dorms or rooms.

"For the last 15 years or so, they've used it to access the outside door, now they will use it to access their student room door," Miami University's Larry Fink said.

Once the door closes as a student enters or leaves, it locks automatically.

"I feel really comfortable here. I'm glad we have this kind of system now," Jordyn Ebert, from Columbus, said.

The school said that if a student loses their card, it'll be hard for someone else to use it to gain entry to a room.

"If somebody tries tapping down the hallways to see if it opens a door, after number eight, it shuts the card off, it then sends a text message to the authorized user of the card, saying someone is using your card, or trying to use your card for an unauthorized purpose," Fink said.

Three men, including a student, were arrested last year after they were accused of entering a dorm, then robbing and assaulting people inside one of the dorm rooms.

The cards also contain emergency phone numbers so students can immediately know who to call if they need help.

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