Massachusetts sheriff’s office to deploy more than 300 surveillance cameras

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office in Massachusetts recently decided to install a new city-wide surveillance network consisting of over 300 cameras.

To meet the storage demands of this new network, the department is implementing Veracity’s COLDSTORE solution, which will be used to provide over 500 terabytes of storage. Genetec’s Security Center 5.0 VMS platform will be used to manage the system.

"We considered high level appliances, a traditional solution mixing servers, switches and a RAID disk array, and a mixture of appliances and traditional storage," said Michael Temple of the WCSO in a statement. "This being a project in the public sector with a fixed budget we had no allowances for overages which became a factor as we began paring down viable solutions."

The COLDSTORE solution allows the WCSO to reduce power requirements and cooling costs, providing them with thousands of dollars per year in savings. In addition, the storage platform will also allow authorities to remove single disks with the desired footage on them.

"Being able to remove the disk and be able to testify in court or during an inquest that this is the original, watermarked video as recorded is, in my mind, highly valuable for both evidence protection and protecting our agency from litigation," Temple added.