The security week that was: 08/12/11 (The next gen)

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Riots, riots, riots
London riots estimated to have created more than $160 million in insurance losses

It seems we can't escape riot considerations this week. Between recent news of flash mobs (check out the NRF guidelines for retailers dealing with flash mobs) to the London Riots, it seemed a world of madness. RetailWeek claimed in a headline that 1 in 10 businesses in the UK had been affected by riots, and while that kind of non-factual overstating of the riots only clouds the reality that this isn't quite as widespread as some media organs would have you believe, the reality is that it has been devastating for many London-area retailers. A number quoted in an Associated Press article assessing the riots' damage already put insurance losses around $160 million. Whole warehouses, like a Sony consumer entertainment products warehouse, have burned. There will be countless lessons learned from these riots for corporate security pros; follow these riot reports carefully to learn what you can while it's still hot on your mind?

In other news
Recognizing faces, Data loss prevention, Worker strike, Samsung grows

Identity Finder's Todd Feinman discusses data loss prevention models. ... They bought facial recognition technology for the 2012 Olympics, but the London police are getting a chance to test it out in the aftermath of the riots. ... IMS says Samsung is gaining market share in the U.S. ... Augusta Systems has been acquired by Intergraph. ... Baltimore is expanding its municipal video surveillance project. ... Verizon is alleging that striking union workers have vandalized existing telecom equipment.