Students hack into Pa. school's computer system


Police said two students in the Blairsville School District were able to hack into the school's computer system and gain access to teachers' personal information.

Investigators said the hacking began in May on two students' home computers. Police said the teens tried several passwords and combinations until they broke through the school's online security system.

Police said the students got teachers' addresses, salaries and Social Security numbers.

"It just makes me wonder what kind of security system they have if students can get into that. Who else can get that information?" said parent Robyn Beard.

State police said the only reason the teenagers got caught was because one of the students raised his hand during class and told the class the teacher's Social Security number.

Because they are minors the students' names have not been released. Police said they are facing felony charges and they are still trying to see if they used any of the personal information in an illegal way.

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