COPS Monitoring to open fifth central station

New Jersey-based wholesale alarm monitoring company COPS Monitoring announced this week that it will open its fifth central station in Dallas, Texas, during the first quarter of 2012.

According to David Smith, director of marketing and communications for COPS Monitoring, the new 8,000-square-foot facility will share alarm traffic with the company’s other four central stations, which are located in New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Tennessee.

"All of our central stations are hot redundant and load sharing, which means that they are all networked together," Smith explained. "One alarm can be handled out of one central station and the next alarm out of another if necessary. What that does for us is, for instance, when Hurricane Irene took that unusual path up the East Coast, it went right over our New Jersey headquarters. These weather events do two things, they increase alarm traffic and they present certain staffing challenges. Because they're are all networked together, we can overstaff our other central stations and then they can handle the extra signal load."

Just because its monitoring centers share traffic doesn’t mean the company isn’t aware of the challenges dealers face in their respective regions, however, according to Smith.

"I think one of the age-old questions that we hear in the industry is which is better; personable local monitoring with local knowledge or the large mega center that might have backup capabilities and things like that? Our philosophy is that we think that it is both," he said. "Every time we go into a unique region throughout the United States, we learn something about the challenges that dealers face there."

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