Protection 1 to provide customers with identity theft protection

Illinois-based Protection 1 recently announced that it has added LifeLock’s identity theft protection service to its security offering.

Jamie Haenggi, the company’s chief marketing and customer experience officer, said that the company decided to add the LifeLock service because customers today are looking for more than just a home security system from their alarm service provider.

"In light of the fact that more than eight million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2010, the addition of LifeLock to Protection 1 services falls in line with the company’s philosophy to provide customers with a full suite of life-protection services that go beyond the home," she said. "This addition of identity theft protection is just another layer in the growing defense available to Protection 1 customers."

Haenggi added that the LifeLock service will be included in its HomeCore security solution and that customers will be able to add additional family members at a discounted rate. The service will also be offered to current customers at a discounted rate.

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