Lombard, Ill. may implement municipal monitoring program

IESA says policy could cost local business owners more in monthly monitoring fees

"This is a patently false statement in that a major benefit of Keltron systems is universal compatibility. In fact, all 14 systems connected to DU-COMM are Keltron systems. The indication that the new Lombard system would involve 'overpriced, aged equipment' is so false as to border on slander. All Keltron systems are UL-listed for remote station service," Fox wrote.
Fox also explained that any redundancy concerns would be alleviated with the use of Keltron technology.

"Each Keltron RF receiving head end system in each town has two antennas and completely redundant RF receiving equipment so that a failure of any one piece of RF receiving equipment can be tolerated with no attendant loss of monitoring ability or service," he wrote. "Any subscriber radio hit by lightning and rendered inoperable will simply result in automatic rerouting of any neighboring subscriber radios to bypass the inoperable radio again resulting in no loss of protection. Connections to DU-COMM are such that, should DU-COMM be disabled, every system can be operated on its own in keeping with UL listing requirements."

Calls seeking comment on this story from Riforgiate and Lombard Village Manager David Hulseberg were not returned.