Two female students stabbed at Wash. high school

A 15-year-old girl accused of stabbing two freshman girls at Snohomish High School on Monday told police the victims "were in the wrong place at the wrong time," according to probable cause documents released Tuesday.

Two freshman girls at the school were stabbed -- one was stabbed more that 20 times, including in the heart and lung, was listed in critical condition but was later upgraded to serious condition. The other has been released from the hospital -- and the 15-year-old, a sophomore, has been arrested on attempted first-degree murder and assault charges.

The suspect told police that she had been "thinking" about stabbing someone since Saturday and on Monday armed herself with a weapon she had fashioned by attaching two knives to a metal pipe, so that there was a knife at either end of it, according to the documents. She put the weapon in her backpack with the intent to stab someone at the school.

Video: Details emerge in Snohomish High School stabbing

Once at school, the suspect waited for a bathroom to clear out and armed herself with a knife, intent on stabbing a girl who was still in there, according to the documents. The suspect said she "made eye contact through the mirror" with one of the victims before stabbing her at "least twice" but not "more than 10" times, according to the documents.

Police said that when they told the suspect the victim might die, the suspect responded that she didn't care one way or the other.

Another girl in the bathroom at the time of the stabbing screamed and tried to help the victim, but the suspect said she "lunged" at her and thought she cut her, though did not remember stabbing her, according to the documents. Police said the second victim suffered a large cut on her arm and at least one stab wound to the back.

The suspect also said the first victim said something like "please" during the attack, according to the documents. When another witness came into the bathroom and asked, "Is this real?" the suspect said she thought about "picking the knife back up and stabbing her and asking if it felt real to her."

Eventually, the suspect dropped the knife on the floor and was confronted by a male student who had run into the bathroom after hearing screams, according to the documents. He saw the suspect standing over the first victim and asked the suspect if she had "done it," to which the suspect nodded.

Police said the two victims were unknown to the suspect and that the first one was at the bathroom sink brushing her teeth before she was stabbed.

The suspect didn't offer police any motive for the attacks and said that she would commit suicide if she had a gun and could not with a knife "because it would hurt too bad," according to the documents. The suspect also said that she "decided" that Monday would be the day she was "going to stab someone" and that the victims "were in the wrong place at the wrong time," according to the documents.

The suspect was taken to Denney Juvenile Justice Center on Tuesday and her bail was set at $1 million.

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