SentryNet moving headquarters to Memphis

Monitoring services provider SentryNet announced this week that it will be moving its current operations in Greenville, Miss., to a new facility in Memphis.

The company has called Greenville home for the past 25 years, but in a statement, Michael Joseph said the move was needed for the company to be able to grow.

"We have always been at the forefront of technology in our industry and we feel that we may have a better opportunity to find the best people and infrastructure support in a larger city like Memphis. We did not make this decision on a whim, but after much analysis, planning and debate we felt that this was a necessity if we are going to continue to thrive and grow within our industry," he explained. "Memphis presents an exciting environment in the center of the country with easy access by air or car. We want our new facility to be a centerpiece for industry, associations, and manufacturers and we are building a beautiful training facility inside that we will make available to our industry for centralized training."

SentryNet Vice President Ikie Lloyd said that company didn’t want to make the move, but had to in order to compete.

"As we push into the Canadian markets, expand in Central and Latin America, we need Spanish, French and Portuguese speaking employees and our local market doesn’t have the talent pool we need," he said. "We have some of the best employees and we are very sorry to disrupt their lives, but in order for our business to survive, we must make changes."

SentryNet currently has 65 employees in its Greenville office and the company said it plans to hire 115 in the new Memphis facility by December 2012. The Greenville office will close by April 1.

"Change is never easy. We have great employees. Any employee that wants to move with SentryNet has a job," said David Avritt, president and owner of SentryNet. "Our employees have been wonderful to us and we want to make this transition as smooth as possible for them."