Matica Systems acquires majority stake in Digital Identification Systems

Digital Identification Solutions, a German-based manufacturer of electronic identification systems, announced recently that card issuing systems maker Matica Systems has become the company’s new majority shareholder.

According to a statement, Matica acquired 509,000 shares from Brockhaus Private Equity and now holds an equity stake in the company worth more than 25 percent.

"I am very pleased that after seven successful years we have succeeded in placing our stake in Digital Identification Solutions into responsible hands," said Marco Brockhaus, founder and managing partner of Brockhaus Private Equity. "To ensure the long-term success of this first-class company, we have always been keen to sell our stake to a strategic investor at the right time."

Matica Systems CEO Sandro Camilleri said that the companies' business models complement each other.

"We are very pleased about our investment," he said. "The business models of Matica and Digital Identification Solutions complement one another extremely well, making this deal a new milestone for our industry."