DMP introduces 'False Alarm Question' feature

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announced this week that is has developed a new False Alarm Question feature for its alarm panels to help users quickly cancel false alarms.

According to a statement, when the False Alarm Question option is selected, the user will be prompted to enter their code at which point the keypad will then display the question, “is this a false alarm?” The user can then cancel or verify the alarm by pressing "yes" or "no" respectively.

"DMP long ago recognized the need to provide end users with a simple way to reduce or eliminate false alarms," said DMP Executive Director of Marketing Mark Hillenburg. "The CANCEL/VERIFY false alarm reduction feature has been available for many years. This new False Alarm Question feature provides a different option for end users to cancel an alarm, prevent an unnecessary emergency response, and avoid the financial penalty of a false alarm."

Dealers can retain the current CANCEL/VERIFY (default) operation or select the new False Alarm Question feature depending on their customer needs. This feature is now available on the XT, XTL, and XR100/500 panels and can be updated.