ONVIF develops 'Profile' concept

To help simplify the management of interoperable products, the ONVIF standards body announced on Tuesday that it has developed a new Profile concept.

According to a statement, the Profile concept will allow end-users to easily identity features that are supported by a profile without having to have knowledge about a specific version of the ONVIF specification.

"ONVIF will continue to evolve and release subsequent versions and enhancements to our IP-interoperability specification," said Jonas Andersson, chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee. "With the Profile Concept, end users and systems integrators will find it easier to determine compatibility between conformant products or feature sets when building their IP-based security systems, regardless of how many different versions of the ONVIF specification have been released."

For more information about ONVIF, visit www.onvif.org.