Opportunities abound for consumer video surveillance vendors in Europe

A new report from IMS Research says that branded consumer video surveillance vendors in Europe have an opportunity to capture market share in the region from unbranded firms.

According to the report, "The World Market for Consumer, DIY and VSaaS Video Surveillance Solutions – 2011 Edition," the European do-it-yourself (DIY) and consumer video surveillance equipment market in 2010 was estimated to be worth over $100 million. This is IMS Research’s first dedicated report focusing on the consumer and DIY video surveillance equipment market.

While the market is forecast to grow at a similar rate to the Americas, IMS says that the “competitive environment” within Europe will create this opportunity for branded suppliers.

"Although there are a couple of European-based equipment vendors with dominant positions within their domestic markets, many of the retailers across Europe are selling own brand or unbranded consumer video surveillance equipment," said IMS Market Analyst William Rhodes in a statement.

The report says that DIY/hardware stores and consumer electronics retailers among others in the U.S. and Canada have had success selling branded video surveillance produces and that many vendors have been able to build significant brand recognition. IMS predicts that companies with existing consumer surveillance brands recognizable by consumers will likely gain market share in Europe.

"With competition increasing in North America, these companies are looking across the Atlantic for new revenue growth and branded suppliers have the potential to capture market share over existing unbranded equipment," Rhodes said.

For more information about the report, visit http://imsresearch.com/.