ONVIF releases new conformance testing tools

ONVIF announced this week that it has released a new set of tools designed to help member organizations test and release products that are conformant with the organization’s standards.

The standards group said in a statement that with the release of Test Tool v.1.02.4, testing specifications have been divided into multiple documents including; Base test: For IP configuration, device discovery and event handling; Media test: Addressing media profiles, configurations, real-time viewing, and streaming; and, PTZ test: Defining the test procedures for handling PTZ modes and configurations.

In addition, as of Nov. 1, this latest version of the test tool and test specification will be used by member companies to declare ONVIF conformance.

"The updates to our testing documents and member communication vehicles reflect the evolution of ONVIF and the value we place on member feedback to continually refine the specification and our related technical documents," said Jonas Andersson, chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee. "These changes also underscore our commitment to ensuring that products bearing the ONVIF logo are truly in compliance with our specification, which is being so rapidly adopted around the globe to improve interoperability between IP-based products."

For more information about ONVIF, visit www.onvif.org.