The security week that was: 9/30/11 (the affect of cameras on crime)

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But Baltimore isn’t just watching and recording cameras and actively focusing their PTZs on subjects of interest. Rather, they are directly moving that visual information out to officers in the field by giving verbal descriptions over radios and even by pushing still images of suspects.

The result was that I saw examples of cameras focused on crimes where they were able to dispatch officers to the scene so quickly that they captured the criminal before he could even run out of the camera’s field of view. I saw officers pull weapons off felons, knowing that the gun was on the person because a camera operator saw the gun on the screen. I saw officers stop an attempted rape because an eagle-eye camera operator witnessed the struggle and abduction. I was impressed, to say the least.

So my point on all of this is that it’s not just cameras that reduce crime. As Dr. La Vigne’s report confirms, it’s when you couple quality camera installations based on crime-mapping with good technology, active monitoring and dispatch – that’s when cameras move the needle against crime … and they do it dramatically.

If this kind of information is valuable to your job, I want to personally invite you to join me at the Secured Cities conference on Nov. 10-11, in Baltimore, Md. As part of the conference, you’ll hear from Dr. La Vigne, representatives from the City of Baltimore, and a host of other urban security and video surveillance experts. On day 2, we’ll be taking a tour of the Baltimore video project so that you can see what makes a successful project work. Registration for the conference is open to city managers, law enforcement, government (federal, state and local) personnel, urban district organizers, corporate security leaders, systems integrators, specifiers/architects/designers and consultants.

In other news
Feds uncover remote control plane bomb plot, SLRI releases report on security budgets, more

A Massachusetts man was taken into custody earlier this week by federal authorities for allegedly planning an attack against the Pentagon and U.S. Capital by using remote-controlled airplanes laden with explosives. … For security executives that want to know how their company’s security budget stacks up with other organizations, the Security Leadership Research Institute, the research arm of the Security Executive Council, has released a new report with findings on security budgets and program structures. … Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been selected to receive the Fred V. Morrone Memorial 9/11 Award for her efforts in protecting the nation against a wide range of threats. Napolitano will be presented with the award at the Security Week Gala on Nov. 2. … Looking to cut down on false dispatches, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, a rural fire protection district in Oregon, has adopted a new ordinance that requires central stations to verify fire alarms.