Researchers discover 'indestructible botnet'

Researchers with anti-virus software maker Kaspersky Labs say they have discovered a new computer botnet that has already infected more than 4.5 million computers and is virtually "indestructible."

Botnets are a form of malware that allow cybercriminals to take control of numerous infected computers for malicious purposes, such as distributing spam e-mail.

According to the report, this particular botnet, dubbed "TDL-4," is being planted on websites that offer pornography, pirated content, as well as video and file storage. Researchers say the owners of the botnet are paying their online "affiliates" between $20 and $200 for every 1,000 installations of the malware depending on the location of the computers infected.

TDL-4 even features its own anti-virus protection, according to the report.

"The owners of TDL are essentially trying to create an 'indestructible' botnet that is protected against attacks, competitors, and antivirus companies," wrote the report’s authors.

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