Linear forms 'Business Development Group'

Linear, a California-based manufacturer of residential security systems and access control products, announced this week that it has formed a new Business Development Group to support new markets and existing customers interested in OEM and ODM services.

According to a statement, the new unit will offer fully integrated design, engineering and manufacturing processes, and will focus on serving large, national systems integrators.

In addition, the company said its OEM and ODM services will be available in a variety of product categories including radio frequency, PERS, access control, access control, and CCTV among others.

"We’re making this group official," said Todd Hokunson, vice president of the Business Development Group. "Linear has informally provided OEM services for many years, but with a growing volume in requests from customers and the changing market landscape, Linear decided to leverage and formalize these service offerings for new markets."

For more information, contact Hokunson at 760-438-7114.