Salto Systems and Sielox provide a blend of access control solutions

Following the news of their partnership, Salto Systems and Sielox will now join efforts to deliver traditional hardwired doors and locks as well as its wireless locks integrated together within the same installation. Sielox’s Pinnacle 9, which supports electronic wireless locks with its 1700 controller, has been upgraded to include support for the Salto electronic security wireless locks.

The Pinnacle software “allows IT applications to deploy this solution in a virtual world,” explained Karen Evans, president and chief executive officer for Sielox. “What we found is that this new controller saved time and money when it was being designed, installed and even when it was going through project maintenance.”

The 1700 controller provides two traditional hard wired doors/locks as well as management of up to 16 Salto wireless locks. A lock down feature locks doors and optionally blocks selected readers when a hardwired input is activated. As a result, end users will be able to secure more interior doors in their facilities because the cost per door, on average will be less than half the cost of a traditional hard-wired door. In addition, because of a connector that is tied in with Salto’s router, “a two-door controller now becomes an 18-door controller,”added Evans. “The cost per door drops down from the $2,000 range to between $1,200 and $1,500.”

Salto’s SALLIS Lock Link System, launched earlier this year and first deployed with Sielox following the joint partnership, is wireless technology that permits, through a very simple integration, the use of its stand alone on-line devices together with other access control platforms.

“When Salto first approached us a few months ago, our main goal was to discuss the interface between their solutions and ours,” said Evans. Now, the two companies are providing integrated technology into wireless locks that provide real time control, alarm notification, event logging and reporting. The integrated system eliminates the need for keys and having to support two different credentials.

Natalia Kosk
Security Dealer & Integrator