SecureWatch24 rolls out new dealer and distribution model

If you live on the East coast and you delve in the security business, chances are you’ve heard of SecureWatch24 (SW24). Based out of New York City, the company’s video management and access control systems are deployed in thousands of customer locations along the East coast, with more than 20,000 surveillance cameras installed overall. And with such success, the SW24 team knew it was time to take the next step, announcing their new dealer and distribution model right here on the show floor.

“Dealers are looking to sell our product,” explained SW24 President Desmond Smyth. And with the backing of a team of veteran law enforcement professionals, the company’s new program presents more opportunity for some of those municipalities looking for a better solution.

Municipalities, small and large, are stressed—they are overworked,” said Smyth. “And some of them have been pushing us to come onboard, to help them. People need to sometimes have their hand held. They want that assistance in what to do. And we didn’t just offer them hardware.”

The company provides a robust services platform that includes real-time system health checks and a variety of management services and reports. Customers may choose to internally provide video monitoring or have SW24 provide those services at the customer’s request. Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices can be supported in IP or digital platforms.

“The secret sauce of our company is protocols,” said Smyth. Providing its services to a number of properties, including municipalities, multi-tenant buildings, hotels, schools and warehouse distribution centers, SW24’s services work to assess all types of threats and respond to them effectively. “I’ve never seen a more neglected component than the housing segment,” said Smyth. “I’ve spoken to some of these sites who understand that putting up cameras is not enough. For example, what should a customer do about illegal sublets? If they have a tenant selling drugs onsite? You have to have protocols. You have to have a reaction to an event. Protocols are what sometimes change the radical of a building,” he explained.

Now dealers can market and sell the services that SW24 provides through the new program.

“We can private label or put a dealer/distribution customer facing ‘skin’ on our reports and services should our dealer request it,” Smyth added. “Our dealers are looking for a way to differentiate themselves. All those services that we provide are now going to be in their name. And they understand it’s less about hardware and more about those services. They are buying the SW24 name and that’s what we’re trying to get across.”

Accompanied with its program rollout, SW24’s new Fusion Centre, a monitoring facility currently under construction in Moonachie, N.J. and set for a 2012 completion date, will be United Laboratories (UL)-approved, employ about 100 people and will include a customer demonstration and training site.

Smyth anticipates the Fusion Centre has the potential for as many as 40 work stations for its operators to perform various operation tasks.

“Now, dealers and distributors can take advantage of SW24’s cloud,” he continued. “The Fusion Centre allows us to also explain the different way we develop our services and offer them to companies who want to take advantage of them. Our new network of dealers can offer the identical services in Des Moines we offer in New York, under their name, with the hub of the monitoring at our Fusion Centre.”

Stay tuned for more coverage from the show floor.

Natalia Kosk, Security Dealer & Integrator