PSIM solutions gain steam on ASIS floor

Sept. 19, 2011 -- Want a sign that PSIM systems are gaining strength in the security industry? Tangible case studies.

"Five years ago, you could count the amount of PSIM deployments on two hands," said Matthew Kushner, president of CNL Software. "Now we are talking north of 400 deployments. It is tangible evidence of how the technology can be used to solve problems."

CNL will be adding to that long list of deployments with perhaps its biggest one yet, as the company has been awarded a PSIM contract for the city of Atlanta. They can add that to successful implementations in Washington D.C. and Manchester, England, to name just two. In fact, the company reported at its ASIS news conference that it now has deployments in eight different countries including the United States, Canada, India, France and Australia.

PSIM, or Physical Security Information Management, enables end-users to leverage data to create a more safe working environment, Kushner said. The key to the software, as Kushner explained, is to interface with any subsystem on the information network - access control, video surveillance, HR, building automation and others - the list is long.

"In the end it is a workflow process," Kushner said. "It is about getting the right information to the right person at the right time. [PSIM enables you to] take the data right into your boardroom - with proof of what happened, what should have been done, and what actually was done."

The concept seems like a logical and simple one, but it is still something that baffles a great many end-users. The PSIM concept goes beyond a simple video management system.

"What is confusing the end-users is the fragmentation in the industry," Kushner added. "But PSIM enables businesses to adopt any new technologies. It is the glue that allows integration of all these systems."

Kushner said that PSIM solutions should be designed to grow with the end-user; as technology advances, the systems are able to adapt to accept the new data.

CNL is certainly not the only company making waves in the PSIM space. Players such as NICE Systems, Proximex, Vidsys and Verint are also leading the charge in this relatively new technology space. NICE Systems, in fact, was recently honored with an honorable mention in the annual Security Technology Executive magazine Innovation Awards, for its PSIM deployment at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

"The adoption rate is on a global scale," Kushner concluded. "It spans across multiple verticals, and these vertical markets are all really solving the same fundamental problems - command-and-control efficiency and technology independence."