New Jersey police department installs city-wide IP surveillance system

In an effort to boost the quality of their CCTV footage, the Harrison Police Department in New Jersey recently installed a new, city-wide surveillance system from UK-based manufacturer IndigoVision.

According to a statement issued by the company, the deployment of IP video has helped improve the police department’s incident response and has also increased the percentage of investigations resulting in arrests and prosecutions.

Prior to migrating to the new IP system, the Harrison Police Department only had a handful of poor quality cameras keeping watch over the city, which were not also not recording footage. Following a recommendation from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in 2008, however, the department began to look into the benefits of IP technology.

"We were so impressed with the video quality and the capabilities that IP Video offered, we kicked off a plan to deploy a city-wide system," explains Sergeant Ed Markowski, Harrison Police Department. "We have now installed cameras in our interrogation room, the local library and around the city center. The next 15 cameras will be fitted in the landmark Red Bull Arena. Then we can really dive into the good stuff – we have barely scratched the surface with the system capabilities and are anxious to learn more."