Man accused of stealing someone's identity to get hired by an airline company

MIAMI, Fla. --

A man accused of stealing someone's identity to get hired by an airline company was being held on $1 million bond Saturday night.

Jophan Porter, 38, was arrested Friday as he returned to South Florida from a trip to London.

Porter is a flight attendant with American Eagle, a subsidiary of American Airlines.

Police believe Porter stole the identity of a disabled man in New York to fraudulently get the job in the airline industry.

Porter was hired despite a rigorous background check.

"Mister Porter is a flight risk because we don't really know who he is," said a Miami-Dade county prosecutor during a court arraignment.

"We don't know what his connection is to the country of Guyana or what groups, persons he may be associated with and why he chose this position out of all the positions in the world, with this stolen property."

A fingerprint analysis by the FBI linked the man to the name Jophan Porter who is from Guyana.

Investigators are trying to sort through Porter's true identity and how many crimes he may have committed while assuming other names.

American Eagle released a statement saying, "American Eagle Airlines can confirm that an American Eagle flight attendant has been arrested and charged involving identity theft that does not involve a customer.

American Eagle is actively involved in the investigation with law enforcement authorities including the FBI."

Porter is also being held on an immigration hold as ICE and other agencies sort through his identity.

Porter has been charged with 14 criminal counts including forgery, unauthorized possession of a driver's license and criminal use of an ID.

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