The security week that was: 09/16/11 (ASIS as it will be)

My normal Friday column looks back at the news of the week. And there was news. Stanley closed on Niscayah. Tyco is buying Visonic. A gunman stormed an Arkansas courthouse. But what has really been on my mind isn't in the past; it's the week that will be. And that week is ASIS!

Going to the ASIS 2011 tradeshow? It’s big. Companies like Stanley take booths that size out at 6,000 square feet. There are a ton of companies out there, and a ton of new products. There’s everything from protection for manhole covers to some nifty flashlights, to perma-pressed guard uniforms, to body scanners to truck-stopping gates to command room technologies. If you’re a security geek, you will love this show.

Here’s how to work it. Get a show guide. Eat well and baby your feet. Don’t enjoy the cocktail offerings at the booths until late in the day. Snag an invite to one of the vendor parties. Locate the show floor bathrooms early on in case you get lost. Soak in the best seminars; ASIS does a great job with those. Prioritize who you want to meet with, but also leave at least 3 hours to just walk the show, because there is plenty of cool stuff you will bump into that you’d never hear about otherwise. And a final tip, practice graceful exits. Undoubtedly, you’re going to get suckered into a product demo that you quickly realize isn’t for you, so figure out how to say “See ya” politely so you can move on and find the technology that really matters to you. In fact, here’s a small sampling of cool stuff that we heard was coming to ASIS that you might be interested in checking out:

  • Pelco is rolling out thermal imaging cameras (under the Sarix brand) at the show and also an offering of SureVision cameras designed to perform in challenging lighting conditions. Booth 547.
  • DVTel has announced a lifetime warranty on select camera models and said on its Twitter feed it will be unveiling that warranty at the ASIS tradeshow. That’s the first time I have heard of lifetime warranties in the security industry for electronic products. Booth 4101.
  • Cisco is hosting a press conference on technology to help first responders communicate. Sounds like something new with their IPICS solution, if you ask me, but maybe they have something else up their sleeves? They are on display in Booth 3525.
  • Panasonic and SituCon are showcasing an in-classroom school security and alerting system that has eyelids over the cameras when it’s not needed – to ensure privacy. Booth 3909.
  • Mobile continues to be a technology theme. We’ve heard of a number of mobile phone applications, and in fact, Vidsys just announced its mobile application for the company’s PSIM technology. It works on Android and iOS operating systems. Booth 1260.
  • You know about IP and you know about HDCCTV. Often the two elements are presented as competitive technologies, and we’ve even heard trash talking from the HDCCTV camp about IP video. But at least one vendor is smart enough to see that the two technologies can be collaborative, not competitive. Euresys is rolling out a hybrid IP and HDCCTV encoder. Booth 1579.
  • Milestone received recognition again from IMS as the top global provider of open platform IP video management software. Go to Booth 1325 if you want to see the technology that has nabbed that title for seven years.
  • One tech company is rebranding and relaunching itself at ASIS. We got the sneak preview a couple weeks ago but the info was under NDA until the show. See if you can guess who that is! Booth? No, I’m not giving you their booth number.
  • Totus Solutions is unveiling a very innovative all-in-one security unit that can have these elements installed: 360-degree fisheye camera, single and/or dual-lens cameras, license plate recognition, LED-based high-efficiency security lighting, public address system, 2-way audio, internal storage for video and audio, data sensors, PoE, wireless backhaul, wi-fi, 3G and 4G, Zigbee, AES encryption, sharks and laser beams. OK, not those last two things, but the point is that they are wedging a lot of security technology offerings into a single lighting/surveillance offering. Booth 2679.
  • I received a message from Telex Radio Dispatch, “a global leader in ROIP/VOIP-based dispatch communications solutions.” The firm is making its ASIS trade show debut this year as the company recognizes there might be some interest to be found by offering their technology to the security and mass notification markets. Booth 677.
  • BRS Labs President John Frazinni is hosting a press conference about “The Future of Video Surveillance - Beyond Yesterday's Video Analytics” at the press room. Even if you don’t have a press badge, the company is going to be manning a booth on the show floor and can explain to you “How Advanced Artificial Neural Network technology is reshaping the video surveillance market by enhancing security, safety and operations while providing return on investment.” Booth 2967.
  • BriefCam snagged an ASIS Accolades award for a best new product. The company’s technology, “Video Synposis”, does exactly what the name would have you believe, summarizing a ton of events down into a visual interface that allows you to access the original source video quickly. Booth 1334.
  • Videx is having a CyberDog at its booth. I’m not really clear on what this is, but I do know they had fun writing the press release. Videx offers electronic lock access technology, so I doubt you have to buy Purina for this pup. Booth 3237.
  • Using a regular color inkjet or laser printer, you can make self-expiring visitor badges. The technology is available in the Visitor Pass Solutions product line from Data Management Inc. Booth 2869.
  • Bill Whitmore is chairman, president and CEO of AlliedBarton, and he’s now an author who has published “Potential: Workplace Violence Prevention and Your Organizational Success.” His company is doing a special preview of the eBook at ASIS, with visitors receiving a promotion code to download the ebook for free. It will be out in printed form later this year, so if you can’t wait, ASIS is your chance to get it early in the e-version. Booth 2601.
  • Speaking of printed stuff, we heard a rumor that you can get the best magazines in the industry for free at a booth. Magazines like Security Technology Executive, Security Dealer & Integrator, Locksmith Ledger, Law Enforcement Technology are going to be available free for the taking at Booth 2431. Oh, yeah, for full disclosure, that happens to be our booth as well. Come say hi and get info on the SD&I Fast50 integrators program and info on the upcoming Secured Cities conference in Baltimore when you get a fresh copy of the magazines. Booth 2431.
  • Someone's giving away an iPad. In every booth. Or maybe it just seems like that.

OK, that’s enough for now. Got other stuff you heard that was cool? Post it in the comments section to share it with our readers. And see you in Orlando!