Communities in Illinois county engaged in municipal monitoring

IESA's call to action gets community officials involved

"Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, when asked where he was going to get the funding to keep the city out of debt, alluded to taxing services without being too specific," Lockhart shared at the IESA meeting.

"In aggregate, with a service tax added to the state and City of Chicago taxes, this would likely push the overall tax rate past double digits," Lehan added. "It would certainly have an impact on us."

During the electoral campaigns in the run for City of Chicago mayor, than candidate Rahm Emanuel received a number of criticisms from other mayoral candidates but none as bold as Gery Chico's, who depicted that the proposed service tax would be part of a plan that would include a quarter-point cut in the city sales tax, according to the Chicago Tribune. The proposed tax would increase taxes by nine percent on everyday services such as Internet access, home repair and more.

Yet the bottom line, as Lockhart explained, is that "those elected officials who are going to be voting on such matters will want to be elected next year. What we need to do is take advantage of the time we have now," he said.

"Summer is the time for alarm dealers to get to know their elected officials," added Lehan. "The elected officials are all now in their district offices. Calling them up and talking to them about an issue that is important to you will make all the difference. Mayor Emanuel will have to be re-elected, too. If there are enough voices against a proposed service tax, that will certainly get his attention. Elected officials have to listen to their constituents and that is one of the things that we are pushing for. Our membership needs to talk to their elected officials about keeping our industry exempt," he concluded.

For more information regarding the private alarm industry's fight against municipal monitoring, be sure to visit While the Web site is online right now, the IESA plans to have the site revamped, redesigned and updated with current information by August.