Report: Terror threats driving explosives detection market

According to a new study from UK-based IMS Research, the threat of terrorism plots, especially at airports, is driving the global market for explosives, weapons and contraband (EWC) detection equipment.

The research firm estimates that the global market for EWC detection systems in 2010 was $1.84 billion, 45 percent ($834.9 million) of which consisted of purchases in the aviation sector.

"While hijackings have been an issue since the dawn of commercial flight, the problem of terrorism in air travel reached a boiling point with 9/11," report author and analyst Michael Arluck said in a statement. "Since that time, deployments of EWC detection machines have multiplied throughout the world’s airports."

In addition, IMS said that EWC detection market has remained "relatively insulated" from the reduction in public spending that has hurt other markets and estimates that revenues for detection systems will grow by 6.3 percent in 2011, primarily driven by the Transportation Security Administration and other emerging markets.

"The TSA continues to drive growth within the EWC market," said Arluck. "In any given year, whether it’s to recapitalize equipment that has already been installed, or to trial the latest technologies, the TSA spends hundreds of millions on new procurements."

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