Tyco to buy Visonic for $100 million

Sept. 15, 2011 -- Switzerland’s Tyco International announced this morning that it will be acquiring Visonic Ltd., an Israeli technology firm that manufacturers intrusion technology products. The acquisition is being made for $100 million in cash, capitalizing on Visonic’s annual revenues of $75 million. Negotiations for the acquisition were first announced in June 2011.

Visonic will be part of the Tyco Security Products division, a division which already includes DSC, Bentel and Sur-Gard intrusion products in addition to access control lines from Software House, Kantech and CEM Systems and a video surveillance product line from American Dynamics.

Tyco also owns and operates the burglar alarm and commercial security systems installation company ADT, however the company’s spokesperson said it was too early to know how much ADT would adopt Visonic’s technology now that Visonic is scheduled to merge into Tyco later this year.

Visonic will remain a separate entity said Paul Fitzhenry, Tyco’s vice president of corporate communications, who added that Visonic’s technology “leap-frogged” the currently available technology. Fitzhenry said the long-term integration of Visonic was not yet defined and that “the actual integration of the business into Tyco Security Products is something we will be developing as we go forward.”

“The acquisition of Visonic strengthens the technology capabilities in our intrusion security portfolio and will enable us to enhance the solutions we can offer to our residential and commercial customers,” said Mark VanDover, President of Tyco Security Products. VanDover said that the strength of Visonic in Europe would complement the well-established use of Tyco intrusion products in North America.

Visonic is best known for its recent introduction of the PowerG wireless technology designed to boost range and offer higher security than many of the commercial wireless technologies that were traditionally offered for intrusion/burglar alarm systems. The system uses 128-bit encryption with a frequency-hopping design to elevate wireless signal security, and is built upon the company’ widely used PowerCode technology. The Visonic product lines are designed for residential security (the PowerMaster, PowerMax and PowerCode product lines) and the PERS market (the Amber line). In addition to panels, the company offers a variety of intrusion sensors for residential and commercial applications.