St. Elizabeth’s Hospital project earns top honors in STE Innovation Awards

Awards covered a vast spectrum of the most innovative projects the security industry has to offer

"Standard Aero solves a business challenge and a security challenge in the same step," one judge wrote. "They met a DHS security requirement for their business without frustrating their customers. Using an innovative technology application (RFID) tied into a pervasive video system, they showed that cameras could be more than forensic tools, and demonstrated new thinking that could possibly be adopted as a standard practice within the aviation services industry."

Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, which showcased its innovative use of situation management technology, has been selected by the judging panel as an honorable mention project. It will be featured in the November/December issue of STE.

"We’ve heard a lot in the security industry over the past several years about the potential that physical security information management systems (PSIM) hold for streamlining operations. Until now, however, there have been few case studies that demonstrated the actual benefits of the technology," one judge wrote. "The fact that an airport of the size and scale of Louis Armstrong International was able to consolidate all of their security and life safety systems onto two screens in their security operations centers using the NICE PSIM platform is astonishing and truly innovative."