Ex-con arrested in Walmart slashing, theft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Metro police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for robbing a south Nashville Walmart last week and slashing a store security guard in the process.

It happened at the Walmart on Nolensville Pike at Harding Place at about midnight Tuesday. Police said 47-year-old ex-convict Mark Douglas Holloway and his friend, 21-year-old Kimberly Kathavong, were shopping inside the store when loss prevention officers spotted them shoplifting cameras and womenÂ’s underwear on surveillance cameras inside the store.

When a security guard approached them, Holloway pulled out a razor blade and slashed the guard's arm, according to police.

Kathavong was arrested inside the store, but Holloway got away.

He had been on the run since the incident, but police said they caught up with him at a restaurant on Haywood Lane Saturday.

Both Kathavong and Holloway are now jailed on charges of felony aggravated assault and theft.

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