NAVCO launches cloud-based, video-on-demand service

Anaheim, California-based systems integrator NAVCO recently announced that it is offering a new cloud-based, video-on-demand service called "VideoMetriXs" that will allow customers to view live and recorded video for a monthly fee.

According to a statement, customers using the service will be also able to remotely monitor multiple locations using Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. In addition, the monthly fee will cover the costs of cameras and other equipment.

"Instead of spending $6,000 to $10,000 on surveillance equipment and hours onsite reviewing video, business owners now have a plug-and-play system option that uses the cloud to store their video at a fixed monthly operational cost," said Jim Kauker, executive vice president of sales and marketing at NAVCO. "Our new VideoMetriXs service is the affordable, next-gen way for businesses to protect their people, property and profits. Plus, businesses that already have a security system gain the video-on-demand functionality as well."

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