Construction of new city hall building in Maitland, Fla. underway


Construction of Maitland's new city hall is finally underway on Friday. It's a project that's been nearly six years in the making and the city said they hope the project will help re-shape the downtown area.

The new city hall will be located across the street from an abandoned Winn Dixie that's been an eyesore for years, officials said. City leaders said that once city hall in finished, new developers will finally come and turn this place around.

"We're excited about it. A new beginning for our city,” said Mayor Howard Schieferdecker.

The city hall alone will cost $4 million and that’s part of a bigger $ 8.5 million project that includes a new fire and police station, city leaders said.

City hall on Independence Avenue is the last of the three buildings to get off the ground.

"I think it's great. It's about time,” said Norma Gonzales, a Maitland resident.

City leaders said they are promising the construction will be the first step in revitalizing downtown. They also said the eyesore could soon be gone.

A developer told the city that they have expressed interest in turning the space into a mix-used area. The mayor said he knows this part may take a while, but he said he’s convinced it will happen.

"This hopefully will be our new downtown,” said Schieferdecker.

City leaders said residents should expect to see the new city hall fully constructed by Summer of 2012.

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