Phony smoke detectors given out by Atlanta Fire Department

More than 18K smoke detectors have been recalled, FBI investigation launched

“More than likely not, not the way it should,” said Garriss.

“Do you care that you're putting people's lives in danger?” Mayerle asked Silver.

“I’m not putting anybody's lives in danger. Get out of here,” said Silver.

At least two of the lives the Silvers may have put in danger are Atlanta seniors Virginia McDay and Cheryl Harper.

After Mayerle became suspicious about the smoke detectors, she removed the bad smoke detectors from their homes and replaced them with working UL-approved smoke detectors.

“I feel a lot better, and I believe you gave me a good one. I really do,” said McDay.

The women couldn't believe the fire safety of their families had been relying on counterfeit smoke detectors they received from the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.

“Do you think it could cost someone their life?” Mayerle asked McDay.

“Yes, it could cost someone their life. It probably has cost someone their life,” said McDay.

“Thank you CBS Atlanta. Thank you so very much,” said Harper.

The day Mayerle had even partial confirmation these smoke detectors had counterfeit labels on them and could be putting lives in danger, she called Chief Kelvin Cochran of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. She felt it was important to alert him immediately because of the life safety concerns.

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