Tri-Ed/Northern video to host IP video training sessions

Security products distributor Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution announced this week that it will be offering additional dates for its North American IP Video Technology Tour.

According to a statement issued by the company, the training classes, which cover topics such as OSI model, IP naming structure, network design best practices and switch basics, are led by Jeff Stout, network solutions manager for Tri-Ed / Northern Video and Mike Leary, network product specialist.

"The trainings are meeting a very real need for our customers and enabling them to compete in the IP arena," said Stout. "At Tri-Ed / Northern Video, we’re dedicated to keeping customers competitive and on top of all the changing technologies."

Among some of the upcoming locations and dates for Level II training classes include:

- Aug. 17, Houston, TX Tech Tour
- Aug. 23, Clearwater, FLA Tech Tour
- Aug. 23, Riverside, CA Tech Tour
- Aug. 25, Miami, FL Tech Tour
- Aug. 25, San Diego, CA Tech Tour
- Aug. 30, Pennsauken, NJ Tech Tour
- Sept. 1, Charlotte, NC Tech Tour
- Sept. 8, Dallas, TX Tech Tour
- Sept. 13, Vancouver, B.C. Tech Tour
- Sept. 15, Winnipeg, MB Tech Tour
- Sept. 20, Sacramento, CA Tech Tour
- Sept. 22, Union City, CA Tech Tour
- Sept. 27, Kansas City, KS Tech Tour
- Sept. 27, Edmonton, AB Tech Tour
- Sept. 29, Calgary, AB Tech Tour
- Oct. 11, Las Vegas, NV Tech Tour
- Oct. 13, Portland, OR Tech Tour
- Oct. 18, Boston, MA Tech Tour
- Oct. 19, Westchester, NY Tech Tour
- Oct. 20, Milford, CT Tech Tour
- Oct. 25, Denver, CO Tech Tour
- Oct. 26, Minneapolis, MN Tech Tour
- Oct. 27, Seattle, WA Tech Tour
- Nov. 16, Garden Grove, CA Tech Tour
- Nov. 16, San Antonio, TX Tech Tour

In addition, the company is also offering one-day Technology Roadshows throughout 2011 to provide dealers with product seminars, live demos and networking opportunities.

"This one-day event goes a long way in educating our dealers on the constantly changing technologies taking place in our industry, particularly within the video security market," said Steve Chilimidos, regional director of Tri-Ed / Northern Video’s Cranbury, N.J. office. "These Technology Roadshows draw huge turnouts and are testament to the need for continual education and training."

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