Inovonics to sell 'Radius' through dealer channel

Inovonics, a provider of wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, announced Monday that it's turning to the dealer channel to help sell the company's Radius situational awareness platform.

Among the company's new channel partners include; CyberMedix Medical Systems, a California-based systems integrator that specializes in wireless patient data management, communication and information solutions; Capture Technologies, an independent value-added reseller (VAR) that provides identity and voice products to a variety of vertical markets; Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Phase 1 Electronics, which specializes in the installation and service of surveillance and access control technologies; and VSA Security Systems, which has been installing residential and commercial security systems throughout the Southeast for the past 30 years.

"These (channel development efforts) are manifestations of our work to establish what is Inovonics' first real channel," said Inovonics President Mark Jarman. "Our historical method to get to market has been a combination of distribution and although there are thousands of dealers that use our product, they often go to ADI for the products because the panels that we work with in alarm system are other (manufacturer's) panels.

In looking for channel partners, Jarman said that the company really wanted dealers that had a "high IQ" when it came to IT.

"It's important (for dealers to be knowledgeable about IT) with regards to Radius because Radius is based on an embedded server technology," Jarman explained. "Even the integration with other building systems typically occurs with serial output from those building systems into serial cards on the server so there is a little bit of IT IQ that is important."

Though the company has had some success in the commercial and education campus markets through the alarm dealer base, Jarman said he expects these new channel partnerships to bolster the company's position when it comes to technology deployments in enterprise-class environments.

"The integrators, we believe, will help us get not the unique or just historically important properties, but enterprise-level (users)," he said.