Knowledge Vector brings PSIM to commercial, local government markets

Knowledge Vector, a North Carolina-based provider of situation management solutions, which traditionally works with large systems integrators to help secure large critical infrastructure and military projects, is now working with access control and video firms to bring its KVI Suite Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software to the commercial and local government sectors.

According to Nigel Elkan, Knowledge Vector’s vice president of marketing, the company made the decision to focus on these market sectors about two years ago when it became apparent that applying situation management solutions to smaller applications was a real possibility.

“The idea of real-time event management has seemed exotic and kind of highly specialized, but now it’s starting to happen all the time because… our ability to have real-time connectivity is becoming a reality,” he said.

What separates KVI Suite from some of the other PSIM solutions on the market, according to Elkan, is its ability to process complex events and to mix and match between environments. No matter what disparate security systems an organization may have, KVI Suite is able to tie them all together to provide the end user with real-time information. Elkan said that the software is also able to work with any sensor, be it access control, video, RFID, etc.

“The difference (between Knowledge Vector and other companies) is we can correlate any set of event,” Elkan added.

In other words, depending on the event, KVI Suite can take the appropriate action depending on the rules established by the user. If a user just wants to be notified that loitering is occurring by a door somewhere, the software can do that or if the user wants to be notified of loitering and view video footage near the door, it can also be programmed to perform both tasks. The possibilities are only limited to the customer’s desires.

The company’s software has already been implemented at several large security an traffic management projects across the U.S., including the city of Chicago, the Port of New York and New Jersey, the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

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