ABI: 17M home energy management system expected to ship in 2014

With more and more companies and individuals attempting to “go green,” a new report from ABI Research forecasts that 17 million home energy management systems will ship in 2014.

According to the report, “Energy Management and Home Area Networks,” market is made up of four different offerings, which includes standalone systems, systems provided by utilities, home automation systems and managed systems from service providers. Standalone systems are expected to remain as the smallest part of the market with systems provided by utility companies anticipated to form the largest segment of the market.

“There’s a lot of flux in the home energy management systems market,” said ABI Research Practice Director Sam Lucero in a statement “Companies of many different kinds are trying to enter it, offering four main configurations: standalone systems, components of larger home automation systems, managed systems from service providers, and those offered by electrical utilities, often as part of their demand/response deployments. Large software companies such as Microsoft and Google are also making a play in this market.”

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