Report: Nearly half of RFID users to increase budgets for technology in 2010

According to a new report from New York-based ABI Research, nearly half of the respondents (49 percent) in a recent survey of RFID end users indicated that they would be increasing their budgets for RFID technology in 2010.

In addition, the report entitled “Annual RFID End User Survey Top Line Results,” also found that nearly one-third of respondents would leave their RFID budgets intact for 2010, while only 11 percent said that they intended to cut their budgets.

The top reasons noted for RFID adoption among end users remain business process improvement and the reduction of non-labor costs. Return-on-investment was also a strong consideration among businesses considering RFID deployment with more companies in 2009, 48 percent, than in 2008, 37 percent, expecting their investment in the technology to pay for itself within 12 months.

“ABI Research considers this a welcome result in these difficult economic conditions,” said ABI Practice Director Michael Liard in a prepared statement. “Moreover, 100 percent of those organizations with rollouts currently in progress intend to increase their RFID budgets next year.”

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