Pottstown, Penn., considers tougher false alarm rules

Dec. 14, 2009 -- Pottstown, Penn., is considering strengthening its false alarm ordinance. The city currently bills $130 per false alarm, but Police Chief Mark Flanders says those fines are not covering police expenses for responses to false alarm calls.

The city is considering a new law that would require alarm system users to purchase a license through the borough. The ordinance would allow the first three false alarms to occur without fines, but subsequent false alarms would see an increase in the fee schedule, becoming progressively more expense per false alarm. The police chief said he is hoping for a 32 percent reduction in false alarms, and also said he would plan to hire a third party to manage the borough's alarm program.

The matter will go before the borough council. More information is available from The Mercury newspaper's article on this subject.