Pelco launches a new website

A lot has happened at Pelco in recent years. Once considered as a de facto leader in the U.S. analog camera market, the company has responded to changing market conditions by revamping its product line to focus on network-connected video surveillance products. Along the way, the company was purchased by Schneider Electric, taking the California company into French ownership. Now, with a new website out this week showcasing the company’s products and solutions, it’s clear where IP stands for the company. On most pages, those newer IP products, like the Sarix megapixel cameras, are featured at the top above legacy, popular equipment that the company has been known for in the past. Generally the site features a fresh look, and has really functional navigation to it, making it is easy to find what you’re seeking. Point over from SecurityInfoWatch to to check out their new site.

The site makes it quick to find extensive information on all the company's solutions, and it puts product information downloads and even software downloads in spots where it won't take you 10 pages of Google results to find them. Dig around and you'll find video case studies, pages for getting your activation codes and more. For those of you who really want to pay attention to what is happening with this Clovis, Calif., firm, there is even an RSS feed of the company's most recent information. Our recommendation: Check out the company's page on its Bid Ordering Specification Software (BOSS) for those of you who are planning jobs which involve Pelco products. Another recommendation is the company's IP microsite, but be patient because even with a fast connection it will likely take a while for the page to load for the first time.