ADT wins patent infringement lawsuit

A U.S. District Court in Florida has found in favor of ADT in a patent infringement lawsuit it filed against a company that had been making anti-theft solutions similar to ADT’s Sensormatic products.

The court found that the liable company, “The Tag Company,” had used confidential information about Sensormatic products to make its own line of solutions and prohibited them from further making or selling any of these anti-theft products in the U.S.

The Tag Company was also ordered by the court to pay damages, while one of its consultants, former Sensormatic Engineer Dennis Gadonnix, was ordered by the court to pay costs and attorney’s fees, according to a statement issued by ADT.

"We are pleased with the court ruling and the confidence it should give customers that they can continue to rely on the integrity and high performance of our Sensormatic anti-theft solutions," Sensormatic Vice President and General Manager Scott Clements said in the statement. "Protecting our intellectual property is central to our ability to continue investing in and innovating solutions that help retailers deter theft and improve profitability."