SD&I presents SIA's 2009 New Product Showcase

Winners to be announed during first day of ISC West 2009

Brivo Systems
Booth 20077

Brivo’s OVR WebService, a fully-integrated, online access control plus video service solution, enables customers to remotely view access event-tagged and live video in any Web browser. Data storage and archiving are fully managed in Brivo’s SAS-70 certified data centers.

Broadband Discovery Systems
Booth 40023

Merlin LE is a graffiti sensor that features a covert, exterior mounted acoustic sensor that accurately determines the fingerprint of an aerosol graffiti event and notifies authorities while the vandalism is still in progress.

Cernium Corp.
Booth 24123

An intelligent video verification product, CheckVideo integrates with central alarm station software to reduce false alarms, utilizes powerful video analytics technology to detect real-time activity, is simple to install and connects to existing cameras.

Cogent Systems
Booth 21097

Cogent’s Outdoor Smart-Gate verification device combines iClass or MIFARE smart cards and biometric fingerprint technology for outdoor environments, features a fully sealed rugged housing that meets Ingress Protection (IP) Level 65 and a scratch resistant optical sensor.

Booth 21140

Commend’s Intercom Client is a software product that provides its full function intercom Master Station on PC screen, using PC speakers and microphone, eliminating the need for a desktop intercom station.

Creative Vision Electronics/ Seoul Commtech Co.
Booth 11097

Samsung’s digital touch keypad door lock, SHS-7020 (RFID Type) and SHS-7120 (HID Proximity Type), with an audit trail and PC enrollment capability, offers 250 PIN codes/RF cards, UL-listed cylindrical latch, emergency key override, time-date stamped 5,000 events log and emergency 9V terminal.

Dedicated Micros
Booth 18031

Dedicated Micros DV-IP Series Hybrid Video Servers allow continuous recording with on-demand access to all parts of the system and integrate analog, IP, and megapixel resolution cameras.

Designed Security
Booth 20097

Designed Security’s Entry Sentry tailgate detection system uses 32 infrared sensors to detect tailgating through any door or hallway, setting off an alarm when more than one person enters. It can be configured to trigger local or remote alarms and integrates with access control systems.

Booth 9109

The Digimerge Blade VB300 series supports DVI video output at 1280 x 1024 resolution for PC-DVI-HDMI and traditional CCTV display. Surveillance applications include conventional, multi-site and high-density, as well as POS recording (AVE compatible) for text overlay and data base.

Digital Security Controls
Booth 22001, 24001

The SG-System I two phone receiver monitors IP communicators, can receive DNIS and ANI or Caller ID, is fully programmable over a network and has built in diagnostic tools for troubleshooting received alarm signals.

Digital Watchdog/Kaltech Electronics
Booth 2123

The MAX-II allows real-time recording capability across 4, 8, and 16 channels of video and up to 4 channels of audio. Featuring MPEG4 part 10 compression, the MAX-II Series includes CMS and Web-based Client/Multi User Access.

Booth 37029

The D3-Tornado with Smart Component Pulse Reset (CPR) provides environmental control and heavy-duty protection and can house additional devices, including routers and mini PC NVRs. The SmartCPR function monitors all internal digital electronics, detecting operational failures and restoring them to working order.

Booth 7060

ECKey’s EK4-Enterprise Relay features multi-level PIN access, an audit trail to track who entered what door by date, time and name and unlimited users for hands-free access or 1,000 users for PIN once or every time access.

Fire-Lite Alarms
Booth 11033

The IPDACT-2UD FireWatch Series IP Communicator module features upload/download capabilities from any remote Internet-connected PC and more reliable fire alarm communications with central stations through the use of its IPDACT-2UD.

Future Fibre Technologies
Booth 25135

The FFT Secure Zone intrusion detection system easily installs on perimeter fences between 328 feet and three miles, requires no power, communications or electronics on the fence, uses advanced fiber optics and is enhanced with their ARaD technology for industry-leading event detection and classification.