ISC West video surveillance roundup

Over the last several years, the security industry has seen an explosion in the development of megapixel and high-definition camera technologies and this year is no exception. In speaking with vendors on the show floor, its apparent that manufacturers have made image quality one of their top development priorities.

Despite the impact that the recession had on IP technology migration, vendors say that they are also starting to see an increase in demand for IP video solutions. However, they are still sensitive to the large base of existing analog infrastructures and are developing products that help bridge that gap to IP.


Verint Systems has jumped into the PSIM market, with the announced acquisition of Rontal Engineering Applications Ltd., a privately-held provider of situational awareness solutions. The acquisition has led to the launch of Nextiva PSIM - a platform that captures information from a variety of security, safety and corporate systems and disseminating that information for end-users to efficiently analyze data to manage situational response. The system's two-dimensional and three-dimensional user mapping interfaces, are among its features, and the system is able to simulate real-world situations for training and testing purposes.

"Bringing in PSIM is a natural synergy for Verint," said vice president of marketing Dejbit Das.

Additionally, the company announced that the Nextiva video management software has been integrated with automatic license plate reader (ALPR) technology provided by INEX Technologies. This solution expands the capabilities of the Nextiva Video Management software by adding the ability to capture license plate images and data.


Samsung is a company with a traditionally strong analog base, however, the company is embracing the move to IP - dedicating its R&D efforts chiefly for network video products. Already out the door from the R&D team is a new 3-megapixel network dome camera. "Even the camera blocks and glass were developed from the ground up and are produced by Samsung," said Samsung VP of marketing and product management Victor Biberston.

Also new to the Samsung megapixel line are a 1.3 megapixel HD 20x zoom network camera and a 1.3 megapixel HD weatherproof network infrared (IR) camera for viewing in darkness. Additionally, the company is demonstrating a line of new pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras, including standard-size and mini-dome models. The units employ the supplier's latest advanced digital signal processors (DSPs) for superior performance in diverse lighting conditions.


Mobile security applications have been quite popular among the ISC vendors. Avigilon joined the party, releasing its Control Center Mobile (ACC Mobile) application that enables security professionals to connect to the the supplier's Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS) platform over any IP wireless network with Apple devices including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The application will be commercially available in June 2011.

The mobile app comes on the heels of the company's introduction of Avigilon Control Center 4.8 Network Video Management Software (NVMS) featuring High Definition Stream Management (HDSM). Available in both enterprise and standard editions, the solution will also be commercially available in June 2011.


OnSSI continues to evolve its Ocularis IP video and security platform, with version 2.0 out for the show. The latest release is offered in four different feature sets (PS, IS, CS and ES), all scalable to virtually any number of cameras at multiple sites. This enables end-users to meet specific system needs and requirements, while offering alerting and video analysis features.

Ocularis PS is ideal for organizations which operate in a single or multiple locations with a relatively small number of cameras; Ocularis IS is designed for multi-user active monitoring and supports integration with access control, video analytic and other third-party systems; Ocularis CS meets the needs of large distributed organizations with extended command and control needs; and Ocularis ES is intended for very large and complex multi-site installations.

All four feature sets are offered in single-camera increments, allowing for unlimited future expansion. All include a complete video management system (VMS) for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at a single or at multiple sites.


Looking to provide a hybrid solution for analog surveillance system users, Sony unveiled a new hybrid camera that delivers IP video over coaxial cable at the show. The camera can stream video with zero latency over coaxial cable up to 1,000 feet long. In addition to this new hybrid camera, Sony representatives discussed the company's new strategy of delivering solutions to customers rather than just boxes of products. To demonstrate this, Sony is featuring several product integrations at its booth, which are aimed at a variety of vertical markets.

Arecont Vision

Adding to their already extensive lineup of megapixel cameras, Arecont Vision is introducing several new models at ISC West this year including a new 20 megapixel panoramic camera. Arecont Vision Senior Vice President of Marketing Raul Calderon said that megapixel and HD technology is providing users with forensic information that wasn't available previously. "We're delivering the quality of video people have always wanted," he said.


Megapixel provider IQinVision introduced Rob Ledenko as its new vice president of sales and marketing at the ISC show. Additionally, the company displayed its new H.264 Alliance-pro dome cameras, which support VGA, 720p, 1080p, 3 MP and 5 MP resolutions. Finally, chief marketing officer Paul Bodell outlines the company's new 5-year warranty program, an all-inclusive standard “bumper to bumper” warranty on the Alliance-mini dome line; and a three-year warranty on all other Iqeye cameras.


The ISC show has been big for DVTel and new president and CEO Yoav Stern. The company has launched a new line of HD smart cameras featuring eight full frame rate H.264 models, including 720p and 1080p fixed and mini-dome cameras. Additionally, the company recently released the Japanese version of its Latitude NVMS system – a key component of the company's push into the Japan market.


Intersil's Techwell division announced it has formed a technology partnership with Sony for the worldwide development of a network camera capable of simultaneously transmitting both analog standard- and digital high-definition images over a single coaxial cable. The hybrid cameras will be equipped with IC chips that use Intersil's SLOC (Security Link over Coax) technology, eliminating the need for new cables to be laid within the building when installing a new surveillance network.

March Networks

March Networks announced at the show this week that it’s rebranding its VideoSphere VMS platform. Now known as the Command video management system, the VMS offering is available in two different versions. According to Net Payne, the company’s chief marketing officer, Command Professional is a single server solution that can accommodate up to 128 cameras. Command Enterprise, the company’s enterprise VMS solution, can support as many as 128,000 cameras running on multiple servers. Payne said that March Network’s surveillance hardware products will still be marketed under the VideoSphere name. The company also announced a new distribution agreement with ScanSource Security at the show. Payne said that move is part of the company’s business strategy to move its IP portfolio into the commercial industrial space.


JVC is making a strong push into the high-definition sector with the release of 11 new cameras at ISC West this week. The new V.Networks CMOS-based cameras output full HD color images up to 1920x1080 pixels. The cameras - which are a variety of box, integrated lens, mini-dome, outdoor dome, and integrated housing models – feature the company’s Super LoLux HD technology to match the sensitivity of the company’s CCD models. The new cameras also feature Clear Logic Video Intelligence (CLVI) image processing that compensates for back lighting and digitally removes ambient fog, haze, or smoke. In addition, JVC is introducing two new NVRs - the VR-X1600U and VR-X3200U - which offer full multi-codec recording and four HDD slots with 1 TB of storage pre-installed.

Irisys Thermal Imaging

A UK-based OEM provider of thermal imaging camera cores, Irisys is exhibiting at this year's ISC show looking to break into the U.S. market. According to Andrew Rimmer, the company's business development director, Irisys' camera cores are already being used by several large surveillance firms in Europe including CBC Ganz and Dedicated Micros. The differentiation of Irisys' camera cores, according to Rimmer, is resolution, which for the Irisys module is 384 x 288. Rimmer said that the growth in adoption of thermal imaging solutions has helped to lower prices, making the technology accessible to more users.


After being brought back to the security industry last year by parent company UTC Fire & Security, Interlogix, a maker of video and intrusion detection solutions, is featuring a new line of TruVision megapixel IP cameras and its TruVision DVR 60 hybrid video recorder at the show. Despite the continued migration of the industry to IP technology, Thomas Cashman, the company's vice president of product management for video and transmission, says that there is still a large base of analog installations that need to be supported. "As fast as we're moving to IP, analog is not dead yet," he said. On the intrusion side, the company is also reintroducing the ITI and Aritech brands. ITI will be responsible for the wireless sensors and accessories while Aritech will be responsible for wired products.

IPVideo Corporation

Besides megapixel and IP technology, another segment of the video market that has gathered momentum recently is physical security information management systems or PSIM. IPVideo Corporation's C3 Fusion PSIM ties together cameras and other sensors such as access control and intrusion detection systems, into a simple, easy-to-use interface. IPVideo Corporation CTO Jack Plunkett said the simplicity of the C3 Fusion platform is what differentiates it from other systems on the market. Steve Sleicher, the company's COO, said that four C3 Fusion systems have been deployed thus far.


3VR, which has made its mark in the video industry with its searchable surveillance platform, is introducing its new S-Series entry-level appliance at ISC West this year. The S-Series features RAID storage options of up to two terabytes and is designed to operate in confined spaces such as ATMs, convenience stores and small offices. In addition, Aisling MacRunnels, the company's chief marketing officer, said that the company recently announced an integration with Lenel's access control platform. She said the company will be making similar integration announcements in the coming months.


Video management software provider Aimetis announced Wednesday that is has added license plate recognition to its Symphony platform, which will help compliment its existing analytic applications including vehicle stopping and left item detection. The company also announced its first hardware offering, the E3200 appliance. Marc Holtenhoff, the company's CEO, said that the appliance is built for installations that have between four and eight cameras. With regards to trends in the VMS space, Holtenhoff said that more and more companies are now offering appliances in addition to their software and that there seems to be a move to push access to video onto mobile devices.


German-based surveillance solutions manufacturer Basler, which entered the U.S. security market just three years ago, introduced its new fixed IP dome camera model with built-in two-way audio functionality on Wednesday. Despite the industry trend towards making higher resolution cameras, Gerrit Schreiber, the company senior product manager for IP components, said that more pixels may not always equal a better image. Depending on the application, Schreiber says that "you pay for 10 megapixel, but you may only get the performance of a four or five megapixel camera."