IACP releases alarm management whitepaper

The International Association of Chiefs of Police recently released its "Position Paper on Alarm Management," which details what the organization feels are best practices when it comes to implementing an alarm management program.

Among the recommendations suggested by the IACP in the whitepaper include; enhanced call verification (two-call verification); utilizing alarm control panels built to ANSI SIA CP 01 standards or other technology in all new alarm installations; requiring alarm permits with fees; fee responses/fines; and, ceasing response when it comes chronic alarm system abusers or non-emergency requests from alarm companies.

In addition, the IACP also recommends that when these policies are written into an ordinance or department policy that they be "strictly enforced" with no exceptions for schools, government buildings, churches or other facilities. If they are strictly enforced, "you can expect alarm dispatch reductions of 50 percent to 70 percent," the paper noted.

The IACP also recommends participating in alarm management committees, such as those organized by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC).